Contractor Project Management and Scheduling Software
Built for the trades by the trades, simplify project management,
scheduling, and estimating, all from your mobile device.
Bolt Features
As a contractor working for a home builder, Bolt software will improve how you schedule jobs, manage more tasks, and create bids with ease during all phases of new home construction.
Improve how you schedule jobs, reduce trips, and manage tasks
Manage a large volume of bids, update costs, and send accurate
materials to the job site
Produce high volumes of estimates using bid cloning & templates
Choose whether a bid is revised for new or already in progress jobs
Project Management:
Manage job details, and provide detailed accurate
Quickly access job contracts so you know
exactly what you're getting paid to do
Quickly assign work and reschedule jobs
Receive “job ready” confirmations and eliminate wasted trips
Use colors or icons to see the status of work orders
Track time, location, and log specific activity directly to the
work assigned to a crew
Crews and supervisors only see their scheduled work
Keep all specific job documents all in one spot so
you can find the answers you need in seconds
Job options, extras, and material counts
ensure accurate material pull sheets
Profit and loss reports are calculated using
invoiced totals and accurate material and
labor costs
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